Altitude Over Attitude: Flying High Above Anger


Thank God it’s Friday! This is a saying that we have been using for years to signify there thankfulness for the upcoming weekend. I know all across the country there are people heading to their cars to go to the first happy hour they can find to rid themselves of the frustrations that come with a 9-5 job.  I admit that I was one of these people for many years. It can be frustrating when  we give our all to a position and management takes us for granted. Anger breeds in these types of situations.

I remember working in a banking call center and I’m telling you, I had to pray every day before I clocked in there. And I know what my weaknesses are, and one of them in the past has been anger. Now don’t get me wrong, I still have a touch of road rage, and sometimes my language isn’t the best. But you know what? I may not be where I need to be but thank God I’m not what I used to be. While I was working there I decided in my downtime to look up some scriptures to help with anger. Because the bible tells us that we have to put away these things (Colassians 3:8). So we owe it to God and ourselves to overcome a spirit of anger with the word of God and with our actions. As I searched for scriptures to help me conquer this issue I stumbled across a list of ten scriptures to help me. I quickly printed them out and hung them in my cubicle. I didn’t care who saw them, and I didn’t care about the enemy attacking behind it, because I wanted God to be pleased with me and I wanted to be a better person. I still have this list and I have 5 of them that I constantly remind myself of every day.

  1. God is a righteous judge. A God who displays his wrath everyday-Psalms 7:11

When I saw these words I immediately was motivated to write this post. When I was little I used to always hear my mom say “There’s a God who sits high and looks low” and yes he does. These words should reverberate in your spirit as if God is tapping you on your shoulder and reassuring you that he is in control. We serve a God that stands behind what is right. If we are truly seeking his face and are walking as if we know in our hearts that we have an inheritance awaiting us, we should be confident in the fact that God will intercede in any and every situation. He will show up when the enemy uses others around us to attack us and carry out his evil.

  1. In your anger do not sin. Do not let the sun go down on your wrath. And do not give the devil a foothold.- Ephesians 4:26-27


It wasn’t until I began study that I really understood these words. People say you shouldn’t go to bed mad but I believe when the scripture says to not let the sun go down, it means to not leave the situation unresolved.  Matthew 18:15-17 tells us how to confront a situation between ourselves and another person, and it’s not always easy. But when we inform others that we are offended, we are showing God that we seek to forgive the same way he forgives us. By doing this we are extinguishing the darts of the enemy by our obedience.

  1. My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger, because human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires. James 1:19-20


I’m sorry but nothing aggravates more than to be in an argument with someone and before it’s all over the argument isn’t about a topic but more about taking personal jabs. Whenever this happens this is an example of human anger.  Because once an argument turns from subject matter to being personal we’re no longer communicating and listening, we are simply hearing and responding. Nothing is ever solved that way. This is why it is important not to only hear but to “listen”. By doing this we understand each other deeper.

  1. A person’s wisdom yields patience; It is ones glory to overlook an offense- Proverbs 19:11

When we know that it is right to listen, and that anger doesn’t produce God’s righteousness we can be patient with those who don’t know any better. In this we can be victorious.

  1. Do not be quickly provoked in your spirit for anger resides in the lap of fools- Ecclesiastes 7:9

We can’t as children of God allow our spirit to be triggered by others. It is foolish to allow anger to overcome you and overtake your spirit.  If we feed our spirit with the word of God we can fly high at a higher altitude with Jesus as our pilot  over the enemy and all of his devices.






Freedom from Distractions

Church was wonderul today! It’s crazy how just 4 years ago, I used to look forward to being in the club at least twice a week, and now I look forward to being in Church. Every Sunday, I usually leave with something. After all the bible does say that the word will not return void. But this week, I really shut down mentally and only heard the voice of God and the message he had specifically tailored for me.

The message was about freeing ourselves from distractions. In my walk with God, I have learned two major things. The first one is the bible is not a law book, it is the way God ministers to our spirits, our hearts and our situations. The second thing is in order to build a relationship with God, you have to build a relationship with God.

I’lI you am example of what I mean. If you are married, or if you have children that dwell in your house with you everyday, do you walk around all day and not speak to them? Usually the silent treatment is the indication of a problem, right? It’s the same way with God. If we want him present in our lives we have to communicate daily (prayer) and study the word (so we can know his voice). So therefore distractions must be limited. 

My pastor gave three prayers that we should pray in order to ask God to comdition our minds to block distractions.  The one that stuck out to me the was to asl God to break up amd break down the barriers of busyness. This pierced my heart because I struggle with this more now than ever. Here I am with a talent that God has blessed me with of writing and I want it so bad that I’m constantly trying to busy myself with promotion of my first book, with building a platform and writing the book. It sounds productive but I was just thinking to myself the other day, where is this getting me right now? I’m neglecting my walk with Christ, and bombarding myself so much I can’t see the big picture. We have to remember that the bible says to seek first the Kingdom of heaven and all the other things will be added. That means if we allow God to be God, and focus on him, he will give increase and he will direct our paths. 

I needed this word on today, because distractions can overwhelm us and ultimately make us lose sight of whats important. They can make us second guess and doubt  ourselves. I’ve been distracted pretty much the majority of my twenties by relationships that I’ve gotten into, relationships I left physically but stuck with mentally, hangups about my body. But i’m thankful  for the power of prayer and deliverance to remove distractions in life. 

Too Street to be Saved

I heard somewhere that the market for Christian Fiction is growing scarce. As I go through the book section at various book stores I can see this. But I wonder why yhis is? I Struggled with what type of genre to write. I love God, and I make no apologies. But I wanted to be able to reach all kinds, so I thought, maybe I could just do “clean” fiction. But God spoke to me and said “No” The reason I was timid about writing Christian Fiction was because I worried that if I was too street or urban with my approach that people might say “She’s supposed to be Saved, writing like that.”

But I prayed on it and suddenly everything became clear. Some of the most influential people in the bible had the most sordid past. We as people, and Christians ALL have a past that is only between us and God. A sordid past, full of mistakes, regrets, grudges, addiction, you name it and we’re saved by grace. We all had to call those things in our lives that were wrong and ask God to work on us. And that is called “deliverance.” 

So, as I venture fearlessly into the world of Christian fiction, I invite everyone to enjoy countless stories of deliverance through the gift God has given me. 

The Question is…

This question has been asked in many of my social media inboxes for a number of years (5 years to be exact). As my personality has evolved and as I have matured chronologically the answer has changed. When I was 26 and I was asked this question I immediately became defensive, and blocked the person asking. As I got a little older, I would give the excuse “There are no good ones left.” Now at the age of 30, the age where some women become upset or desperate about being unmarried, I am proud of this opportunity. 

To be single at the age of 30 after all of the mistakes I’ve made is like the teacher handing me back a test I failed, going over the answers and allowing me to take it again. 

Because of spiritual,and mental maturity I have decided to analyze my choices and figure out where I went wrong in my failed relationships. Was it based on sex? Was it based on finances? Was he a rebound? Sometimes reliving certain memories can be painful, but it’s just like excercising. Yes, if we haven’t worked out our muscles are going to be sore, but to reach the peak we want to and get our desired results, we have to push through. So, why are you single? Have you analyzed what you could do different? 

Successfully Single: Unconditional love

How many movies are out there in cinematic history that make being single seem like the plague? I can name a few. Who can forget Waiting to Exhale? I feel empowered everytime I see Angela hit her cigarette one last time before throwing it into the inferno of her husbands belongings. That scene  has gotten me over a many breakups!

But as I’ve gotten older I have learned to see being single as a blessing.

Now, let me say this, I am NOT one of these women that you will EVER hear say I don’t need a man” because that’s a lie. YES, I do need a man, and YES I do want one! But after kissing 1,000 frogs, I cherish the idea of letting things flow.

During this time, I have decided to grow my reationship with Christ because to serve him is to love, unconditionally. At this point in my life, I’m not dating for fun, I’m looking for a life partner. Marriage requires a different kind of love than dating does. When we’re married we’ve acknowledged that this person negates every other man or woman on the earth when it comes  to our needs and wants. So, therefore even when the times get tough, we have to know how to be strong enough to love them through it all. What better way to practice than to learn about the strongest love there is?

This is one one of the many ways I’m seeking to be successfully single, by learning how to love when it comes my way.

Angry, black Social media athiest: Whats the real issue with your disbelief?

More often than not we see more and more Christianity posts on our timelines. Its the new norm to see someone who is clearly not living a Godly lifestyle have a picture that looks like the one shown im my post.

Like this is really going to overshadow the fact that the last post had pornography or the post before that was saturated with profanity. But I’m not here to judge. God reigns on the just and the unjust. But recently I’ve noticed an outpouring of people openly showing their hatred for God on facebook. And I mean it’s so blatant. I had turned a blind eye to it for a minute, praying for them of course, but tonight when I saw a young lady say thete is no power in the name of Jesus I decided to GO IN. I didn’t use a whole lot of scriptures, but honestly it probably wouldn’t have made a difference. I was dealing with a bunch of blundering idiots, who referred to myself and the three other Christians defending our savior as “coons”, and “slaves”. It’s not like we’ve never heard that before. 

I felt rather proud of myself at how I backed the majority of them into a corner when I rebuttled the ones who claim they “knew” the bible, by challenging them to reference scriptures or discrepencies they had noted. They never did. One argument that all of these black men that commented stood on as far as why they did not believe in Jesus was that he is portrayed as a white man. In my opinion this argument is redundant and i’m over it. One brother stated that he doesn’t serve white people and he only admires people that look like him. I was floored by the ignorance. By the 75th comment, I addressed all the brothers in the group by stating that if they have a reason to be angry at their treatment from white people they should observe how they were acting in that moment. Half of them mispelled every other word, and couldn’t even argue without cursing. Is it Gods fault or just the white mans that you choose to perpetuate a sterotype that we’ve been enslaved to for centuries?

At the end of the entire argument I was exhausted mentally and spiritually. It was sickening to me that I spent 25 minutes of my life that I can’t get back arguing my love for Christ with black men that are so blinded by the blue eyed portrayal of Jesus that are willing to lose their souls. 

Here in Louisville Kentucky last night, a 7 year old black boy was killed by a stray bullet while he sat at his kitchen table eating a snack, and playing with his Ipad.  And the argument that led up to the firing of shots was over a dice game. I think the real issue of God, and Jesus is not the color of his skin, or his eyes. The issue is we live in a world where we can’t afford to care about an image. We have to stand on his promise. We have to know when to call on him. We are losing young black men everyday and alot of them are leaving this world not knowing Jesus, and it’s sad. 

Before I go to bed tonight, my prayers probably won’t be for myself, but for the hardened hearts of the nonbeliever. I pray that God has mercy on them and opens their eyes before it’s everlasting too late. 

Good night.

Some call her my daughter, I call her My hero


I am not one of these people who blogs and puts on this huge front like I live a picture perfect life. The last year of my life has been a struggle, but God has grown me spiritually through it all. Now some people may judge their own growth by a change in their own attitude or behaviors, and I had been. But it  wasn’t until yesterday that I noticed that my spiritual growth had became evident in my baby as well.

My daughter began running track last year after joining me for a few morning jogs. Last year, unforunately, she didn’t win any ribbons or place at any of her races. But I always encourage her efforts and her resilience. She’s such a go getter, and I love it about her. So this year she was ready to go! We had been jogging and practicing all year and she was more than prepared for her races. But at the first meet, the other team was a little bit better than hers and again she didn’t place. Of course she was angry and sullen, but I explained to her the importance of good sportsmanship and told her to chin up and we would keep practicing.

Finally, yesterday was her final track meet. The girls 800 meter relay was the first to last event of the night. I ran down the bleachers to the side of the track and I watched all the kids line up and I proudly watched my baby take lane 5. The coaches explained where the kids should take their marks on various parts of the track, and one of the coaches talked to Krissy as she stood at her mark. After all had been explained, I watched as Krissy told herself out loud “I can do this”. I was proud of her already. Finally the whistle blew and the kids began to run. I watched them as they raced around the track passing the baton, and then as they rounded the curve, I didn’t see anyone coming towards my daughter. All four of the other competitors raced past her as she stood and waited for her teammate. No one came. NO ONE CAME. I WAS LIVID. The race ended with the other team placing 1st,2nd, and 3rd. I busted open the gate and charged across to the center of football field, demanding to know what happened. Apparently, one of the girls just sat down on the track and REFUSED to run! I was so disppointed amd angry that I was seeing red. I told Krissy to get her things so we could go. She said “Mom, I want to stay here and watch my team. I want to see who wins the last race.”

I gave her a hug and left her on the field. As I sat in the bleachers, my blood was still boiling. I could honestly not believe that that type of unsportsmanlike behavior was accepted as ok, at any age. The bible teaches us to train a child up in the way they should go. I couldn’t help but wonder what the parents would say to the child who just gave up at last minute and let down her team. Better yet, why wasn’t the coach saying anything! I continued to watch the last event of the meet as the boys passed theit batons. Then I watched my Daughter, my baby, running in the grass next to one of her teammates that had been left behind, cheering him on with every stride, and guess what? NONE OF HER OTHER TEAMMATES WERE DOING THIS. Even though my baby was disqualified at no fault of her own. She was helping someone else push through. Tears filled my eyes as I watched her pat him on the back and tell him he done a great job.

Thats why I say she is my hero. Because as a woman, when we keep doing things and keep getting beat down, sometimes we place blame. Sometimes we stay in a low place. Sometimes we give up. But she did NONE OF THAT. I thank God for giving me an angel in the flesh to show me how we should recieve shortcomings in life with poise and grace. The future looks bright for my baby girl. And I’m so excited to be with her every step of the way.

Being Set Free from insecurity and jealousy

There are two things in this world that almost everyone is afraid of and that is death and being incarcerated. The number one reason I believe that people are afraid of dying is fear of the unknown. Now me, for example, I am not in fear of the unknown when it comes to dying. This is an assurance that I have from my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that I will see him, and I strive every day to live my life in a way that is pleasing in his sight. However for some that do not believe, the afterlife is still questionable. The reason I believe people are fearful of incarceration is the feeling of being trapped and not living a free life. Now although people have these fears, it is alarming how many people walk around in mental and spiritual bondage each day. Death is inevitable, but we do ourselves a disservice when we walk around in the land of the living allowing things to tie us up mentally and emotionally.

Today I posted on my Facebook page a status that asked the question,

What have you been set free from? How did it feel when you were released?

I have said before and I hold firm to this belief, that women suffer the most from being bound up by things mentally and emotionally. I can raise my hand and proudly say that I have been set free from a spirit of jealousy. And I mean a petty sense of jealousy! And when I was finally free from that I was bound and determined before I allow that virus to sneak in chains out ready to tie me up again that I would go compliment the person through my clenched teeth.

As I have grown older and began to study my word more and built my relationship with God, I’ve realized that we irritate God when we walk around jealous of other people. Look at it like this. How many times have you put your all into something only to have some one say “It’s okay.” Is that or is that not in our eyes after all the work we put into something the equivalent of saying It’s awful? Okay, maybe it’s just me, but I’m one of those kind of people that after I have busted my back, you just can’t say that kind  of thing to me, and I just go with it. It sticks in the most negative way possible. I was at a job interview recently and the nurse I was interviewing with said something that I had never heard before but it made so much sense from first letter to the finishing punctuation. She told me that “When someone says “But” that it negates everything that was said prior. So basically, you can give someone a thousand compliments BUT when you use that special word, nothing else matters. So when we walk around with all the natural gifts that God has given us i.e legs, arms, our right minds, the ability to speak for ourselves, do for ourselves, food, clothing, and shelter, and we are jealous of Teresa because she has a Mercedes and we have a Hyundai Accord, that is the “BUT” that makes him so angry.

God let us know that we should not be envious of anything or anyone that we have not attained in one scripture.

But God will supply all your needs according to your riches and glory by Christ Philippians 4:19

For awhile I thought that this meant the basics that I just listed but once I really unpacked it and studied this word it made more sense. God will supply your “NEEDS”, through Christ Jesus. So whatever we don’t have we don’t have it because it is not in God’s timing or in his will. He reassure us of this by telling us to

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus- 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Therefore, to be bound by a spirit of insecurity and jealousy is a direct violation to the life that God has planned for us.  We owe it to ourselves to live a life in happiness through Christ Jesus, and to be free from this kind of spirit. So, I encourage you today, to be confident in yourself, and in your circumstance, and encourage someone around you to do the same.

Be blessed, and be great!